Far East Creative Expressions – Day 3

11 Jan

Averi The Antagonist

Today my sister Zoey(  is flying out to Singapore for her Far East, which you can keep track of at She’ll be getting back a few days after I do. Hopefully she cleaned the room more when I left, or I’ll have to do it all myself in preparation for having people over in her absense.

A certain someone would argue that their snoring saved the day today. I know it’s the third time I complain about snoring, and it probabaly won’t be my last. After 20 minutes of snoring, I decided I couldn’t stand it. I woke her up and turned over with the intention of falling back to sleep. Sleep, however, did not come to me as the next second she revealed that we’d woken up late, as it was already 6. Not that it held us back much, we were still the first ones…

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