Cancer of the esophagus

19 Feb

Identify the cancer cells divide irregularly to the cells.

Types of tumors are divided into benign and malignant tumors. Benign tumors do not spread and are not transmitted to the surrounding tissues and cells, butmalignant tumors can be separated and spread to tissues and other body parts.

For cancer of the esophagus is the proliferation of abnormal cells arise from theesophagus and may spread to other parts of the body if not diagnosed early.

cancer patient Feeding :

Of the most important facing the cancer patient especially after chemotherapy orradiation change the taste of food to taste is not acceptable, poor appetite, severein addition to fatigue and severe pain, stress, depression, irritability, nausea ordiarrhea, and when you receive chemotherapy or radiation to the head or neck is likely to lose their sense of taste of food, so the meat a bitter, this is advisable to add soy sauce to improve it, and change the taste of fish, eggs and tomatoes to berancid, or like the taste of metal, this is not advisable to use spoons and forks metallink taste the metal taste is desired and replaced Balblasticah.


The right way to feed the patient are :

1 – Eat small meals of food distributed during the day, and use the feel a little better.
2 – Eat foods free of odors, and preferably provide food pureed or ground in time to make it pretty attractive Mshahyh.
3 – weight gain – that got – not because of eating, but because of taking certain anti-cancer drugs such as cortisone and its derivatives, as well as to keep the body fluids, you should not reduce the calories, the doctor prescribes generating for Paul to get rid of excess fluid.
4 – The dryness of the mouth of the common side effects as a result of chemotherapy and radiation, and to get rid of dry mouth are advised to eat sweet foods taste like sugar confectionery or pickles such as Trchi or sucking pieces of ice cubes, and eat foods rich in Palmriq in order to help you bring in saliva except in the the case of sores or mouth infections, with the need to drink plenty of fluids.
5 – to focus on some nutritious foods that are easily dealt with a syrup Scrambled eggs with sugar and cream, milk shakes and barley water soaked oats or cooked cereal such as pirate and Almrkoq, and soup, barley, maize, rice, bananas, canned fruit, or fruit soft .. As well as hard-boiled eggs half boiled, or scrambled a little milk and then fried in a little butter, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and fruit juices canned and fresh, ice cream, iced drink prepared with the juice of fruits Local, or gelatin, “obviously.”
6 – Providing foods rich in protein and calories, such as Insure (Ensure), Pediaochur (Pediasure) or Oiswmal (Isomil) all of which are available in pharmacies.
7 – the doctor will prescribe anti-nausea treatment, but there are some things that need to be made in this case, preferably early in the morning to keep some of the bread dry in a closed box next to the bed and eat some of it immediately after waking up from sleep and before leaving the bed.
8 – You should avoid foods with a pungent smell and stay away from the kitchen in the event that a family cooking. Cold foods and fast foods also help to reduce the smell of food.
9 – in difficult cases to be feeding through the tube from the nose to ensure adequate nutrition.


Anti-cancer foods

Following foods when taken in a balanced manner useful for the prevention of cancer but has not been proven yet whether increased dealt with according to the most.

1 – Food crusade of the platoon, including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and all kinds of cabbage and mustard, these materials contain a sulfur compounds “Sulforaphane” and vehicles “Dithiolthiones”.
2 – Garlic and onions: Also because they contain sulfur compounds, anti-cancer, which activates the secretion of some enzymes.
3 – orange and grapefruit: the presence of anti-nutrients such as vitamin C and Filafinoad which acts as an antioxidant and prevent cancer.
4 – Soy: – contains a large amount of material Aloezovlavonz that stops some of the hormonal activity within cells, and soy major role in the prevention of breast cancer and prostate in particular. And can be eaten in the form of soy or add olive oil for food or eat soy milk is available in pharmacies.
5 – Tomato: rich material for Ecupen, a substance strong anti-oxidant which is causing the color red, and the research found that tomatoes cooked reduce cancer of the stomach, colon and prostate.
6 – fresh fruit and vegetables, and found the importance of research in reducing the risk of many types of cancers.
Cancer-causing foods
1 – Food that exposure to high temperatures or direct fire precisely grilled meat and fried.
2 – salted meat and processed with chemicals in order to save or preserve the stability of the color.
3 – Food that has been sprayed with pesticides, and did not leave for several days before brought to the market and addressed.
4 – increase the saturated fat in food, research and found their relationship to breast cancer, prostate and endometrium.
5 – obesity and possibly to its relationship to address the many and fat-related cancer of the colon and the lining of the uterus in women in particular have uninterrupted menstruation, bladder, esophagus, pancreas and kidneys.
6 – where alcohol research found its relationship to cancer of the esophagus, trachea, liver, colon and breast.
7 – Some food colorings and preservatives is not licensed

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